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You only need one shoe

How did this book end in my hands? Just a simple error from the site I ordered a few nights ago. One error which made me the happiest person in the world by having more than 80 books and bringing the joy of Christmas Day earlier than it should. But that is another story which I will tell you one day.

From its description, this book promised me some stories around one abandoned shoe on the roof. Was I impressed? Eh, not so much. I was expecting something more, how should I say it, alluring. Vincent Delecroix – La chaussure sur le toit, is not a book that made me savor it, but more like reading something until I will eventually fall asleep and start a new book the next day. Ok, that was a bit impolite of me to say, but honestly, all those pages left me untouched. And those stories being related in one way or another did not change my opinion.


It is true that one shoe can tell you more stories than a pair can do, imagination doing its best for each person. But I would’ve rather read one story with many extensions around that shoe than 10 stories related or not between them, or connected to. I do have the feeling that this book should’ve been something for my taste but, I’ll be damn, it is not.

The idea, however, very niceee. But not written like that. I do now know what is like praying to finish a book so fast so you could start another one which will make you feel something or even capture you a bit. Maybe the next book will be a winner.


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